Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Last Thing

This has been an enlightning adventure. In my first posting I referred to myself as a technological dinosaur. I do not feel that way any more. I have learned a great deal with this project and I am sure that I will be using a number of the technologies. Some areas are not of interest to me, such as podcasting, but it is still nice to have a general idea what it is all about. If another discovery program such as this was offered in the future I would most probably participate.

It is amazing to think of the technology available and that there is so much more out there in its infancy. I'm glad that I chose to explore Learning 2.0 and look forward to the next adventure.

Learning About Audiobooks

Having not signed up for Overdrive or NetLibrary I went on the Project Gutenberg site. I found the titles on the 100 Most Downloaded Titles for the day very interesting. Most titles on the list this evening were non-fiction materials. I found a title of interest to me "Cocoa and Chocolate". The hour is late, I will try to download it at another time. I am hopeful that when I receive my MP3 player I'll be able to use that for listening to my first audiobook.


I tried and I tried to no avail. I went on to Yahoo Podcasts,, and I was able to navigate the sites and choose something I would like to listen to, but nothing would play. I followed the instructions given when you could not listen, but nothing worked. I guess it could be my dial-up internet connection. This has not been fun, just aggravating.

Web 2.0 Award Winners

I chose from the books catagory. It is the 1st place winner and I can see why. You can do so much on this site it's kind of unbelievable. The site allows you to publish anything from you prized manuscript to a photo album of your favorite pictures. You can sell you fabulous creation to people all over the world. More importantly Lulu is a community of creative people there to help each other. They will give help in publishing you first creation. You can find groups of like minded people who share your interests. Lulu has a newletter and a blog. I visited the blog and it is awesome as is the whole concept of the company. This site is amazing. Anyone interested in publishing anything should look at it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Merlin and Me

I subscribed to Merlin's RSS news feed. While navigating the site I clicked on
"Library Garden". "Library Garden" is maintained by a team of contributing editors with differing perpectives, but one shared goal; ensuring the health and relevance of libraries. They fulfill their goal by reading interviews and passing the information on. I found it very interesting.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

YouTube & Yahoo Video

Trying to watch YouTube with dial-up internet service is not a fun experience. I did manage to find a couple of cute videos with pets and animals, but watching them was a very long process. I watched 2 videos. "Put a Smile on Your Face" by jessicapeanut was my favorite, and it actually did (put a smile on my face). I personally do not see any real purpose to this site. I have better things to do with my time than search thru this stuff. Granted some of them are entertaining, but so much work to find. As far as a use in the library setting, I think we have to much class to be on this. Yea, just call me a fuddy duddy.
I tried Yahoo Video after YouTube and found that Yahoo loaded faster and the start times were faster. The video ran a little faster, but it was still a choppy start and stop process.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Zoho Writer

I finally figured this out. This does merit more experimenting, because I think I can make use of the site. I found Zoho Writer more user friendly than Google Docs. When I have more time I'm going to try other applications.